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Watson's unique 'Bubba Golf' brand is perfect for the Master Challenge

The two Masters champions said that his success is not based on money or need to be praised, but just "love golf"

If you accept Bubba Watson,Patek Philippe 5980 , he is the golfer who happened to follow the legend. Seve Ballesteros won the Masters twice. Same as Ben Hogan. The same man has done this too? Watson. His identity is so common that only one name is needed to identify it. Another player named W. Woods has already gained the same privileges.

“I am fortunate to have two green jackets,” Watson said. "I just want to keep my tour card every year. If someone says that I am a good player, that would be great. I don't plan to make a living by playing golf. I don't plan to play golf for everyone. Tell me How good I am, or I am one of the great characters in the game.

"I like to play golf because I like it, I like it, I want to develop games. The game brings me everything I have in my life. My parents taught me the values ??through golf. It Let me be closer to my mom and dad. I have many friends, I traveled around the world because of this game. That's why I played it; because I like it."breitling superocean steelfish

Watson underestimated his unique talent with this sentiment, although it is commendable. The history of golf is full of professionals who can't win the Single Masters, not to mention the two masters, even though they have all succeeded. Watson obviously has a certain ability, and when he trains correctly, he can make a difference.

"As a child, what you want to do is to participate in the PGA Tour. I have already participated in the 9-year tour. Somehow, I have had 6 victories, 2 of which are around them. This is something I can't imagine. Things.

"My mother has two jobs to help me. My father has a hard job to support me. And I know they won't think so far. So this is very overwhelming."

This is a player who can hit his driver at nearly 370 yards. The master at the top of his back is similar to Phil replica watches , When Watson left the ball, his left foot almost left the ground; this is the concept of the 1960s, no different from the style of Jack Nicklaus. The biggest challenge Watson has in the technical sense is to maintain accuracy; distance is never a problem.

In the final round of Augusta, Watson was the only player who could successfully attack the pin in the cruel 243-yard par 3 hole. The height he can create from the ball makes it less than 10 feet away from the pin. Next is a bird.

"I think this gives Bubba a little bit of advantage, how high he is and how soft he can make the ball drop," Rory McIlroy said, with almost no technical expertise.

"There were a few kickoffs at Augusta that made me nervous," Watson said. Only one pair; again, this is not common. “Besides, the golf course set up a pretty good tee for me. When I hit the midway driver, I could change some of the shorter irons.”

Watson's success is accompanied by a strong professional dedication. He did not apologize that his tournament may not always be beautiful.richard mille mclaren

"I do my best to score," Watson said. "I don't care how beautiful it is. I don't care if it's ugly. I don't care if it's out of the woods."

Watson has risen eight places in the world rankings, ranking fourth. McIlroy slipped from ninth to tenth, and Master League runner-up Jordan Spies ranked first before him.

“This is just Bubba Golf,” said Ted Scott, the caddie of the Masters Championship, when asked to explain the unique style of his employer. He added: "Last year was a difficult year and there was an effort to prove my pressure, but this year his attitude is very good.

"It is very interesting to work with him this year. I really like his good and bad. This year he has been very good at controlling his own thoughts. I don't have to cheer for him, I don't like it, I have to encourage him, I don't have to encourage him."

Watson’s beliefs are well known. Before starting this season, he decided to focus on a scripture, Philippians 4:11, which discussed the joy of being alone. He has perfect reasons to do it again.hublot spirit of big bang